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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day Three

The Three Questions and answers By Bobby V

1. Are you a Priest or a Businessman? Favor the priest within. Great "things" in your church is going to atteact other christians not the Lost looking for a place called home.

2. A healthy Church a Growing Church? No. there is no such thing as a healthy church. the church like a hospital should be a place for healing of the unhealthy, the sick and the depraved giving the life giving message of jesus Christ which is the cure. If you want a church to grow, the answer is relationships, friendships. Church growth should be framed in a new word. "bear fruit", love faithfulnes etc....

3. What is the sickness in our worl? the sickness is lonliness. pragmatisim, narcasisim, unbridled restlessness

Are these questions that speak to you to change, grow and seek new avenues to reach the unreachable to move you out of your seat???


Blogger John Johnson said...


In his new book (Church 2K Something that came out yesterday), Kevin Mannoia notes that today's church leaders define their Servanhood to God and not to people. In his words, "These passionate 2K leading forward people define their Servanthood to God and not to people."

If this is true, what does he feel the implications of this are for traditional denominations. Will service and loyalty to denominations continue to be imporant in the future? Will church 2K leaders be willing to support denominational budgets and sacrifice to pay the salaries of traditional thinking denominational leaders?

John S. Johnson

4:07 PM


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