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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Generation’s Defining Moment:

By Judah Smith [bio for event]

Christianity in the United States is in a defining moment. We have reached a point of critical mass. If, as a whole, the Church is unmoved in this time, history will record our irresponsibility and the America we know today will cease to exist.

Today we have the emergence of the largest generation that has ever existed in our nation’s history. This generation is larger than even the “boomers.” They have been called the “busters.” Although they number millions more than the boomers, yet only 4% claim to be Christians.

The boomers, who run America, claim over 30% Christianity, yet we fight moral wars from the White house to the school house. Imagine for a moment an America run by a generation larger than the boomers yet claiming only 4% Christianity!

If we lose this generation, we lose America. Ron Luce is leading this charge to rescue the youth of America and I stand with him! We know the vast majority of believers come to Christ before the age of twenty. We have five short years left before this massive generation crosses the threshold of twenty.

This is my mandate. As a father of two boys, what kind of America will I leave to them? Even as I write this I hold a pacifier in my youngest son’s mouth. I look at his newborn face and I am overcome with a sense of responsibility and mandate to hand him a nation under God.

The answer to this crisis is clear-the Church of Jesus Christ! Christ, in and through His Church, is the hope of the world. There is no other hope.

Our Churches MUST grow. The question is not, “Will it take place?” but, “Who will it take place through?” Your Church MUST grow, your city MUST be reached and America MUST be saved. Will it happen through us? Or will the world have to wait for another era, another generation who will meet the "MUST" of God? God always needs a man to meet His “MUST”—I pray it will be you and me!

Generation Church, our youth ministry in Seattle, has picked up this "MUST" and is ready to do whatever is necessary to meet it! We presently have over 1500 students in weekly attendance in our four locations. We plan to add a thousand more young people within the next few months.

Our vision is simple—to disciple 10,000 weekly in 10 locations in 10 years! We have six years left and are on the verge of experiencing true Book of Acts multiplication.

Nearly three years ago we started a service on the University of Washington campus in its main lecture hall. We filled it with over 700 by the end of last school year. We have just purchased a multimillion dollar building right on fraternity row, steps from the main entrance to the University, and have begun our services there. We expect to add multiple services very soon. We have seen hundreds of converts and expect to see thousands in the next few years.

I believe there is a great and effective door open to the Church on University campuses in America! We MUST see a sovereign move of God in the Universities!

Recently I have been challenged by Ron Luce to double and disciple our entire youth ministry every year for the next five years, which would put us at about 48,000 students. Why not!?! If we really serve the God who desires all men to be saved, our desires should reflect His!

I truly believe this will be the Church’s finest hour, not only in America but around the world! God is raising up a new generation to meet His MUST! Will you be a part of God’s MUST?

Judah Smith is Generation Pastor @ The City Church  Seattle, Washington

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Blogger Mike said...

This kind of thinking is just plain scary.

Jesus kingdom has nothing to do with America, or government, or politics. Remember, "give unto Caesar"? He wasn't talking about money and paying taxes. God is concerned with the content of your heart, not which chad you punched in November. To think that somehow God needs America is silly and ignores that fact that you serve an omnipotent God.

Only 4% of "busters" claim to be Christians because the other 96% see that modern day "Christians" in America bear little to no resemblence to what Christianity looks like in the Bible. They're looking for something real. They're looking for the simple message of the gospel found in the Bible, not the psuedo-psychology du jour found in today's mega-churches. Where's grace? Where's charity? Where's love? Instead, the image portrayed by so-called "Christian" leaders is that God is about money, God is about politics, God is about condemnation in His name. God is none of these.

It's shameful that you've bought into this b.s. Judah.

11:44 AM

Blogger J said...

These kinds of sales pitches and pyramid schemes are destructive.

When it can't deliver, when the pyramid goes up in smoke, people will throw the baby out with the bathwater.

1:19 PM


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