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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Faith In America:

By Rev. Miles McPherson [bio for event]

Faith is a hot topic at the moment, being talked about in the media, the news and through outlets. Even though it is encouraging that the conversations are happening, that biblically-based movies are being made and that Jesus’ name and character are being portrayed; I also see the hand of the author of confusion in the process. The content of those conversations are not always biblical, and if taken from the Bible, not always truthful to the context and heart of scripture. At times it seems that faith is being repositioned as a thing to be achieved on its own, transcending any and all forms of religion. That faith, no matter what in, is enough to propel man towards true understanding. As I look into the future and consider faith in America and the world, I am very concerned.

The “old-school” truths of the gospel are being replaced or completely omitted for the sake of inclusiveness, with the idea that everyone should just “get along”. America, and at times the Church, is turning its back on the uncompromising sacrificial life of biblical discipleship. With this, the sense of right and wrong in this nation seems to be crumbling faster and faster right before our eyes. This sense of right and wrong, our moral compass, is what has made this nation great over the last few hundred years.

The more pluralistic our culture grows and the more the Church strives to be inclusive and politically correct, the more watered down our message becomes. Jesus is the very person of truth. If we de-elevate Christ in any way to make room for other socially accepted gods and prophets, He is no longer Christ our Savior; He’s just a man among men. If we do this, we will have traded the Truth for a handful of convenient lies. The devil is systematically removing Jesus from our society; Christ is being taken out of Christmas and prayer is being taken out of schools. We are going out of our way to promote beliefs that are completely contrary to the Bible. God told us not to have any other gods before Him, yet we are in the process of doing just that.

God has blessed us as a nation because we have honored Him with our beliefs and actions, and if we continue to move away from Him, we will experience less of His blessings and protection. Has America become like the nation of Israel in the book of Judges, doing what is right in our own eyes? Have we come to believe the lie of Genesis chapter three that we are like God and can decide right and wrong on our own? It seems this is already happening: child molesters get out on just probation and young kids filled with hatred and anger murder their parents and classmates.

Trusting in Him and honoring Him as the only true God is the foundation of life and once the foundation is destroyed the building will fall. If we do not live from this truth then we are in diabolical opposition to God. Our hearts are dead to the Spirit and we have given up the life of Christ. If we do not choose Christ, we have a very dangerous road ahead of us.

As pastor of the Rock Church, I am very aware of the danger before us, not only to the church community and our identity, but the effects on America as a nation. I feel a strong responsibility to leverage the immeasurable power of God to bring the highest benefit to the people of the Church and the world.

My fear is that young people, who are just learning about God and do not have the knowledge of how He was represented ten to twenty years ago, are being cheated out of the opportunity to make an intelligent and informed decision about their faith. They are being told, right out of the shoot, that this is a multiple-choice test when in fact it is not. In the long run this satanic strategy will destroy the faith of an entire generation if we do not do something biblically drastic.

Our mission at the Rock church is to Save Equip and Send out soul winners for Jesus Christ. There are no gimmicks. We simply believe in fulfilling the great commission and obeying God’s Word. We are compelled to promote “old school” evangelism in a new, updated package. The way we “do” church may be non-traditional, some may even consider it controversial, but who we are and what we preach is based on the very politically incorrect belief that faith must be placed in Jesus Christ alone. We use terms like soul winner and God’s ARMY which may seem out dated as they are seldom used in our modern terminology, but we believe them to be a staple of our belief system and activities. We teach all 7,500 members of our congregation that they are soul winners in God’s ARMY and that our singular goal is to make disciples who will in turn make other disciples. We accomplish this goal by employing three “old-school” strategies.

The first is enlistment. We believe people need to be given the opportunity to meet the God of the Bible and He will take care of the rest. We do this by conducting altar calls and asking people to take a simple step of faith toward God, challenging them to believe in and act on God’s promise that He will change their life. We do not believe that a message has to be eternally complicated to be eternally beneficial.

The second strategy is basic training. Once someone has chosen to believe the truth about Jesus Christ, it is essential that they learn how to live from that truth. We believe that being accountable to someone who knows the truth and can speak wisdom into their life is key. Through this training and discipleship period we, in a sense, dare people to challenge biblical truth and if it does not work to walk away. So far God’s truth has always worked and we believe it always will.

Finally, once their basic training and discipleship is completed it comes time for deployment. Each member of the ARMY must reach out to those who are still lost and unsaved. Everyone who comes to Christ walked out of some sort of destructive lifestyle. They need to go back like Matthew of Bible and invite their friends to meet Jesus. As part of this strategy it is our goal to create an opportunity to be saved in every segment of society where someone is lost.

This is how we, at the Rock Church are working to keep faith real. No matter what strategies churches may use or how they “do” church, we must stand firm in the truth. “Old school” faith believes uncompromisingly that God is who He says He is, that He has plan for our lives and that all we have to do is choose Him. My prayer is that more people will go “old school” with the gospel and watch what only God can do – change lives.

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Blogger Truth Seeker said...

I truely agree that America is in deep trouble and in danger of judgement from the Lord. It's encouraging to know that there is a strong fire burning to win souls for Christ.

I'm curious to know if all we truely have to do is choose to believe God? The Bible says that the demons believe God and that they fear and tremble. Is it really that simple just believe Him? Do I need to do anything else but believe? Sounds to simple to be true?

I'm also not sure what "leverage the immeasurable power of God" means? It almost sounds like a contradiction? And then sounds like one will use God's power his way because God has to do what He promised?

What is the most important thing to God?

One last thing I'm not understanding is how one could choose God? The Bible says in John 15, I have chosen you, you have not chosen me. So who's doing the choosing? What does scripture say one must do to have eternal life? While I can appreciate a heart that wants others to come to Christ, it seems that there may be something missing from the equasion here?

9:57 PM

Blogger J said...

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Esp. when he comes off like a salesman.

1:31 PM


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