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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Emerging Event

Wow what a start. On this 2nd day of the event there have been a wide variety of speakers with lots of personal testemonies. Having Buzzy announce this event was a huge draw of the crowd to the respective meeting rooms.

The campus here at the Crystal Cathedral is an awsome site and visiters are welcome to take tours here. I've seen alot of different people.

We have experienced a little technical difficulties with the Blogger Cafe and connectivity but I think it's a good thing. Too many people trying to log into the system. I think there wasn't an expectation that so many people would be trying to log into the system at the same time.

Although this is a Faith Forward "event" I am still waiting to hear more about moving faith forward. Those of us who are out pastoring the small churches, trying to bring the gospel to those disenfranchsed with the big box church, Trying to bring the message to regular people who are wary of the "church". I stuggle to hear what is relevent. But then I guess we are moving forward and the door is cracking open and the proof is here in this room with everyone here open to the possibility of hearing something new, powerful and relevent to move them, thier lives and thier ministries.

Some have talked about not changing the church, keeping the same old same old. Keep the service the same, same service, same message, maybe add a praise band, put jell in our hair, light a candle, say it's ok if we wear jeans and a t-shirt and say were are emerging. Emerging from what? If you aren't changing and you aren't moving are you emerging from anything? I wonder if it's realize that that is not working for all of us any more? So the big question? How do you reach someone like me???


Blogger Mike DeVries said...

I'm with you. It's a lot like Pimp My Ride. You can trick out an '87 Accord all you want, but in the end all you have is some obscenely odd '87 Accord - which people will point at and snicker.

We need to radically rethink and reimagine what the Church could be in the future. No holds barred.

Good to be with you, John. You and Tina are the real deal!


8:59 PM


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